Laugh unlocks some various hormones of happiness In our brain, simultaneously making our mood better.  When we are laughing we approach to life more positively.  It’s widely known that optimists lead happier life. Smiling is as contagious as yawning! People inherently are very empathic and like to identify with a group. They  involuntarily begin to imitate behavior of the inner circle. It means that when we are smiling it’s very likely that other people around us would smile too. Also it is conceivable that when we are staying in a positive company we will pick the good mood up.

20 reasons which are worth to smile today:

1. Fluffy blanket, good book and raspberry tea with cinnamon.
2. Smile when seeing you.
3. Crying…because of laugh.
4. A letter to Santa Claus.
5. There is something what you can do the best.
6. Christmas decorations.
7. Simon’s Cat, Friends, Two and a half men, Family Guy.
8. A self confidence when nobody else believed.
9. Chocolate muffins, carrot cake and coffee.
10. A season for pumpkin.
11. Polish competitor in Redbull Crashed Ice! Go go go Owczarek!
12. Sales for summer  sport equipment (bikes, rollerblades, scooters).
13. Time for skating and ice hockey.
14. Sweaters those cover your tummy.
15. Sooooo maaanyyy days for carving muscles, buttocks, thighs and belly before the bikini time.
16. The end of the hurricane time on the Caribbean.
17. Time for lighting  the fireplace.
18. Time for hugging ( it is really cold outside…)
19. Waiting for the first snow.
20. Every single day is a new chance to change your life.

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