Worrying about life problems  that don’t depend on us won’t solve anything. Fears, depression, divorces, losing a job- these are demons of the XXI century, and you can’t escape from them. Sleepless nights, tightened stomach and shaky hands? I’m sorry to hear that and I know what you feel but your life is better than you think. You don’t believe me? So, I’ll prove it to you.

Here are 11 questions, which will prove you that is not so bad…

1. Can you leave home without fear that someone would shoot you or your family?

In Mexico drug cartels and gangs are reaching the edge of lawlessness… Mass murders, kidnappings and rapes are not shocking anyone. Blood is running all over the streets of local cities. Not only gangsters die but also coincidental people. Crime reigns on american streets and armed actions pointed into drug cartels are arranged because even police is corrupted. You join the gang or you won’t live to your 14 birthday.

2. Did anyone kicked your ass because you are black, yellow or gay?

Some people are being pestered because of the colour of their skin, their religion or sexual likings. Invectives, blackmails, discrimination and rejection are everyday life for them. Very often they have to pretend they are someone who they are not…to survive.

3. Have you eat a bar of chocolate today?

More people have died because of hunger during last 5 years than were killed as result of wars, revolutions and murders  during last 150 years… Every year 40 millions of people die because of hunger and malnutrition.. One fourth of  kids born in developing countries die before their 5th birthday because of  malnutrition. People in the 3rd world countries eat once a week. And you? Have you eat a bar of chocolate today?

4. Is your house standing in the same place?

Tokyo is on the island by the Pacific Ocean. The city is endangered because of almost every disaster. The risk of earthquake, flood or tsunami amount to  80%. When you are leaving your house you never know  if it will be there when you’ll come back.

5. Are you stressed about your life and what to do with it?

Very good!  Hat means you are ambitious and you are not going to make do with anything.

6. Do you hate your job?

At least you have a job and opportunity to change it. In many cities reigns so high unemployment  that there isn’t a job even to cleaning toilets.

7. Can you hear your heart beating?

Some people are waiting for that even few years. The number of donors is little and we never know if we could survive another year.

8. Have you suffered any defeat lately?

Great! There isn’t a better teacher than learning on our own mistakes. Start treating your defeats as a possibility to learning. “I was suffering one defeat after another in my life, and exactly because of that I have achieved a success” – Michael Jordan.

9. Can you go out to run or play football?

Some people aren’t that lucky. They are moving on wheelchairs or they are  bedridden with catheter. They are taking a lot of medicines every day and they don’t have any chance to be cured. Being week at the knees  doesn’t sound so scary, right?

10. Do you have so many things to do so you can’t come over with all those things?

Excellent! Would you like to live in a country where is no education system,  there reigns illiteracy and TV or a book is a luxury? Where the basis of your existence is plucking a ram or accosting tourists on the streets to buy from you a string of happiness? If you can’t come over doesn’t mean you don’t have the opportunity to develop yourself.

11. Have you been hit in your face by Maharaja?

I dare to suppose that your father didn’t made you married when you were 12 as 16th wife. I dare to suppose you’re not buying a wife on the Internet, and also you are not escaping out of country because your family forces you to marry for dowry.

So, is your life better than you think?

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Thursday June 9th, 2016 01:07 AM

Dziękuję 🙂

Thursday June 9th, 2016 06:37 AM

A proszę 🙂

Thursday August 18th, 2016 09:56 PM

Jesteś niesamowita! Dużo mi daje czytanie Twoich postów 🙂 szczególnie przed spaniem kiedy wszyscy już śpią a ja staram się nie nakręcać i “przywoływać” tych cholernych ataków paniki 🙁 pozdrawiam!

Friday August 19th, 2016 06:28 AM

<3 Trzymaj się dzielnie.