Considering different features runners can be divided into various categories. The most popular division is considering age, sex, level of sophistication, the bestridden distance or the style of running. Last time, when running have become popular there have many kinds of runners appeared. They are  depart from default classification. Have you ever met some of them on the paths? 

 Fanatic runner

At weekends he takes part in almost every competition and during the week he is preparing himself to those competitions. He is preparing very carefully to the most  prestigious  meetings and he takes part in all the rest just to say “hello” to his running friends.  Except running he is only working and eating. He has been training for a quite long time. He has many trophies and medals at home. He is training only in t-shirts with emblems of  marathons he had taken part in. His dog is running away to his kennel when sees a leash. The main topic of conversation with fanatic runner is concerning running, except that you don’t know anything about him.

Running_Lake Mead_Andrew Cattoir_2.0

Running_Lake Mead_Andrew Cattoir_CC 2.0

Gadget runner

When he is going out to run he puts on the newest  model of asics,  heart rate monitor, lactometer, watch with GPS, cordless headphones and the newest model of  water bottle which is adjusted to the hand shape. Necessarily he takes a smartphone with him to  eternize  passing moments, when he is presenting himself against a background of buildings or  bridges. Usually he is running on the most crowded streets and famous parks  where others can admire his gadgets. That kind of runner takes part only in big and media competitions. We won’t meet him on competitions on forest paths or in difficult conditions.

Robin McConnell_West Higland Way_CC 2.0

Robin McConnell_West Higland Way_CC 2.0

Romeo runner

He is preparing to training very carefully. He puts on  clothes which matches to shoes and the color scheme is emphasizing the color of his skin. He has impeccable hairdo and usually he looks  like he would just have returned from Caribbean. When he is coming for training he always parks his car in visible place to  announce his presence.  He is running only short distances that the sweat would not wash off his make-up and his hair won’t be destroyed by wind. When the temperature reaches a few plus degrees he takes of his t-shirt and oils his body with an oil without filters to emphasize his suntan. When a female is coming from opposite he is making a muscles to look very male and he greets her with hot smile. In his hand he is tightly holding his phone which is theoretically  measuring his time but for real it is to note phone numbers of the females  passing by.

Chris Hunkeler_Running with Music_CC 2.0

Chris Hunkeler_Running with Music_CC 2.0

Mesmerized runner

His friends are runners and he would like to be one of them. He always repeats that he will start t running tomorrow because it’s too cold, too wet, too windy, too hot, too stiffing. After some months, when his words are getting serious he is going to run 600m and then he goes to the shop to buy complete accessories for running, the newest model of shoes, watch with a GPS, mp3, a backpack with water bottle and energy candy-bars. He shows up once on a route, he is running 1km and then he disappears for few months. When good wills will get him again-he repeats all those things again.

Midwestnerd_Cross Country Run_CC 2.0

Midwestnerd_Cross Country Run_CC 2.0


He is training for a quite short time and not very often. He is running not more than 10km. He signs up on every forum on the Internet and subscribes all magazines. He reads a lot and he can list al shoes models and GPS watches. Sometimes he takes part in short distance competitions, and when he does it, he announces that everywhere. Before training he takes a photo in an elevator, publishes it on Instagram and tweet something like #training time#condition the most important. He greets everyone on paths, using runners gesture , and sometimes he does it even twice… When he buys some clothes or gadget he is writing extensive review about their functionality on every social network, despite he doesn’t have any comparison with other models. He is the first who announce on Facebook  that there will be lowering of prices for trousers to running in Lidl or that there are sales in Decathlon. He is publishing only good results on Endomondo and when it takes high scores he announce it on other social networks too. He often publishes photos of runner breakfast-oatmeal with banana and juice- posturing from the midsection to the top to not show his stomach.

Running Gear Ready_Alan Levine_CC 2.0

Running Gear Ready_Alan Levine_CC 2.0

 Athletics track runner

The type of runner which trains only on a track because he gets ankles and joints ache from asphalt. He pays imposition every month for a gym ticket booklet and he uses only one device. He loves when sweat is washing over his forehead  because then he feels like amazing runner, he don’t get that the sweat is washing over him because the air-conditioning doesn’t work. The length of his training is specified by amount of burned calories. When he makes intended limit he runs away home to raven donuts  without compunction. He never takes part in competitions. He trains only because it’s recommended in Men’s Health. He has got a gym near his house. Sometimes he likes to  warm himself in sauna because he doesn’t want come back home too early to avoid being herded to home duties by his wife.

Running on a treadmill_E'Lisa Campbell_CC 2.0

Running on a treadmill_E’Lisa Campbell_CC 2.0

 If you have passed that kind of runner, like, tweet or share. Maybe others has passed by them too.

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Monday January 26th, 2015 06:47 PM

hahahaha popłakałem się ze śmiechu!

Friday February 13th, 2015 08:01 AM

hahah 🙂

Saturday May 30th, 2015 09:54 AM

To ja chyba takich tłumy mijam. Każdego dnia na wybieganiu.

Tuesday February 16th, 2016 01:02 PM

Myślę, że są też inne typy biegaczy, jak weekendowy; biegacz życiowkowy; są ultrabiegacze (zupełnie inni ludzie), są biegający dla zdrowotności i są biegacze świadomi i pewnie jeszcze kilka typów by się znalazło.

Mnie od biegacza fanatyka różni to, że nie gadam tylko o bieganiu (właściwie jak gadam, to tylko z innymi biegaczami), nie biegam w żadnych koszulkach z biegów (wolę sprawdzone, sprane, zmechacone ciuchy, które sprawdziły się w wielu sytuacjach), nie startuję co weekend, bo wiem jak to 1. zaburza plan treningowy, 2. rabuje weekendy z wolnego czasu, 3. wykańcza organizm (bo start sie robi w końcu na maksa).

Medale wywalam. Zostawiam tylko te, które coś dla mnie znaczą (bieg był ciężki, impreza fajna, mam dobre wspomnienia i inne powody).

Zgadza się to, że moje życie sprowadza się do biegania, pracy, jedzenia, spania i czytania 😛

Tuesday February 16th, 2016 06:27 PM

Takie życie najlepsze 🙂

Thursday March 10th, 2016 12:04 PM

Fajne… lecz Biegacz Bieżniowy może być BB z wyboru lub nie. Jestem Początkującą biegaczką. Zaczynałam dwa lata temu towarzysząc początkowo mężowi w bieganiu – na rowerze. Waga nie pozwalała na nic więcej-93kg. Obecnie mam za sobą dwa zawody po 10 km. i trenuję 3-ci miesiąc do półmaratonu (waga 79). Niestety musiałam przejść na bieganie na bieżni (A tak fajnie było biegać zwłaszcza zimą w śniegu…) . Skolioza utrudnia mi biegi na twardej nawierzchni, doszło do stanów zapalnych . Lekarz sugerował rezygnację z biegania. Jednak postanowiłam z rozwagą spróbować to kontynuować. Bieganie stało się sposobem na dobre życie, formą spędzania czasu wolnego. Nie wyobrażam sobie innej dyscypliny. Biegam z mężem lub z naszym pupilem psem myśliwskim. Pozdrowienia dla wszystkich pasjonatów biegania.

Thursday March 10th, 2016 03:19 PM

Wow! Aż mi ciarki przeszły!