There is as many dreams as people in the world. One of them dream about career and yellow Porsche and other about going for a walk without dizziness. Whatever you dream about-never give up!  The only one defeat is a lack of courage… to try again! 

When you fell that you are giving up, read some facts below… Maybe it will cause you to reflect.

Chuck Yeager was chosen as pilot of racket plane Bell X-1 in NACA research. During first try he vomited his dinner on a seat next to him and he couldn’t go out from cabin by himself because of dizziness. On 14.10.1947 he was the first man who has exceeded a sound barrier.

A man, who has changed the world was from poor family and he was first member of that family who has graduated.  After his father death, when he was 9, he was adopted…he never doubted in his  potential. Nelson Mandela received The Nobel Prize and 250 other prizes for his merits.

Thanks to Lilly Ledbetter the salary for men and women is the same on the same positions. She was fighting for equal right through all her life!

Candy Lightner daughter was blindsided by drunk driver, who wasn’t punished. After many years of failed lawsuits Candy has created a patrimony Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and she contributed to coming into existence a law regulations against drunk drivers.

The admiral Robert Peary, was trying to get to North Pole 7 times. He did it during 8th try. It took him 23 years!

20 of 28 tries of sending racket into Universe was failed.

Some 6th class teacher said to one of her students” You know, you are smart boy”, and he believed in it. Thanks that from a gangster he became a millionaire and got married with Beyonce- that lucky guy is Jay-Z.

A little publisher Even Bloomsbury was making ends meet for years. It has changed when they decided to cooperate with J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter. The book was rejected by 12 other publishers.

Ray Charles was from poor family. His father left to another woman, Ray was a witness of his brother death, when he was 7 he completely lost his sight, he was addicted to drugs and many times he was arrested for drug possession, he had 12 children with various women. He thinks that those incidents created his personality and thanks them he have succeeded.

Walt Disney was terminated  because his boss was thinking that Disney didn’t have imagination.

During most of auditions Beatles have heard that guitar sound is not on a roll and nobody wanted to cooperate with them… But they never got doubts in their talent and it has paid off.

Albert Einstein wasn’t much loved by his math teacher, because he thought that Einstein seems to be bored on classes. Teacher was harassing him and he was persuading him that he will never achieve anything. But Einstein had his own opinion about that.

Richard Branson has finished only primary school. Today he is a millionaire.

Charles Carlson has invented copying process in 1938. He had to wait 21 years before first copy machine was constructed.

Bob Dylan was booed on school shows a dozen or so times. Later he became big rock star!

Edison had made 10 000 experiments before he invented a light bulb.

Elvis Presley was a truck driver before he became a popular singer.

Blue Book Modeling Agency told some women that she can be just and only a secretary or a wife of famous husband… that woman was Marilyn Monroe.

Michal Blake left home when he was 17. He wrote 20 screenplays and through 25 years nobody wanted to cooperate with him… until he had made “Dancing with wolves”.

Suzan Boyle has won people’s hearts during performances in Britain’s Got Talent. She sold 14 million  CD-s. Suzan is suffering from Asperger syndrome. That disorder is including mainly impairment of social skills, difficulties in accepting changes, restricted thinking flexibility without mental retardation and particularly absorbing, obsessive hobbies.

Jessica Cox was born without arms despite that none of studies has shown anomalies. In spite of that Jessica drives a car, brushes her hair, flies by a jet, she finished psychology. She uses her feet to do all that things.

Sean Swarner has defeated a cancer twice. He reached Mount Everest with only one lung. When he got to the top of it he put a flag with names of people who won with cancer. He made all of that to give a hope for people suffering from cancer.

Many studies proves that essential time for mastery of individual skill in a fluent level is 10000 thousands hours. That’s the time needed to achieve a high level of particular exercise. During that time individual changes are declining in brain. Thanks to them brain is ordering information and starts doing some activity for fun and not for learning. 10000 hours of practicing is more or less seven to ten years of  consistent exercises.
So now do you know why most of people don’t succeed?

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Saturday January 3rd, 2015 05:37 PM

Takiego artykułu mi było trzeba, by wytrwać w postanowieniach noworocznych 🙂 mamy dopiero 3 stycznia, a ja już dobieram się do szafki ze słodyczami:)

Saturday May 30th, 2015 09:59 AM

A ja zawsze tak łatwo się poddaję 🙁 Co zrobić by wytrwać? Ja nawet nie umiem przestać się spóźniać 🙁 Jak oni to robią, że się nie poddają?

Sunday May 31st, 2015 07:43 PM

Odpowiedz jest jedna: trenować wytrwałość i trwać w swoim postanowieniu. Zacząć od małych kroczków. Np. przez 14 dni spacerować co najmniej 15 min o tej samej porze. 15 dnia zrobisz to już automatycznie.