Your running shoes go with you everywhere? The first thing you throw to the suitcase is running clothes? You’re not alone! Running is a fantastic idea to explore new places, relax and meet great people. Every time I step into the hotel reception, my first question is “Can you recommend running paths around?”. From each trip I bring back running memories and  new friends. Every place and running path is different and they are all very interesting. Series of articles “Track Your Run” will present the most interesting running places around Poland and abroad.

Track Your Run Warsaw, ATM Studio- National Stadium 16 km (both directions).
Running Path, Warsaw, ATM Studio- Stadio Narodowy 16 km

The easiest route in Warsaw is the bike path along the Wał Miedzeszyński Street. The route starts from ATM Studio at Wał Miedzeszyński Street  and runs towards the National Stadium through Francuska Street. Left side of the route runs along the Vistula River. You can stop for stretching or sip of water at the shoreline. The right side of path runs along the soundproof wall that covers you from wind. Also dampens the noise of traffic jams. Francuska street is crowded but beautiful street. Local restaurants decorate their gardens with lanterns and candles so the atmosphere is really charming. You should stop at the old book store there and meet two huge and very friendly Maine Coon cats. At the end of the route, before turning back toward your house, you can stop for a sip of water at the National Stadium.

8 km behind. only 8 more to go

8 km behind. only 8 more to go


The path is lighted.
Perfect for beginners.
Is often frequented by runners and runs along 801 road so you can feel quite safe.
It is impossible to get lost.
It is easy to determine distance you have already made.
In the case of sudden fatigue you can return home by bus, which stops at the near route.


During peak hours is very loud.

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