Where we should look for  peace when the whole world is turning upside down? Where to go when it’s bad at work and it’s even worse at home? What to do when somebody is  roughly meddling  to our life? How to react when we lose everything and we must start all over again? Nobody is teaching that, and according to WHO stress is the biggest danger for health in XXI century. So, how not to allow that stress will become a integral part of our life and dominate our everyday life?

Specialists are bending over backwards to find an answer to question “What to do when the stress is devouring  us?”.

 This are their advances from the Internet. Are you ready? So, let’s go…

Internetowe Sposoby na Stres

Internetowe Sposoby na Stres

More? Ok, let’s go!


Internetowe Sposoby na Stres 2

So…massage your dog, go to nutritionist, smiling clean your desk and the problem is gone.

And now seriously.

Imagine to yourself that you are a table. A table stands stably because it has four legs.  Each of them means some  area in your life., which has the biggest meaning for you. When 3 legs will break and one will stand in vertically position so the table will stand too. Maybe a little a little crooked but it will stand.

Do you keep the leg of your table in vertical position?

No? And you don’t know what can be your leg? So I will suggest you. That’s something that nobody and nothing can take away from you. That’s something what makes you smile. That’s something what is always with you, no matter where you are. That’s something what you always come back to. That’s a place where you get  completely  immersed  and you forget about all problems. That’s a place where you are totally yourself. And you know what… nobody except you has an access to that place.

So, do you know now?

THOSE ARE YOUR PASSIONS AND INTERESTS. That is the firm leg of the table. Those will be with you forever, against everybody and everything.

Do you know what Forest Gump did when Jenny left him? He went for run!

“That day, with no reason, I decided to run a bit. I’ve ran to the end of the road, and when I got there, I thought that I will run to the end of a town. And when I got there I thought that I will run over a Greenbow Shire. And if I got so far, why shouldn’t I run through all Alabama? That’s how I did. I’ve ran through all Alabama. With no reason. I’ve just been running . I got to the ocean. I thought that if I ‘ve ran through so long distance, I could go back and go on as well. When I got to another ocean, I thought that if I am here, I could go back as well and run back”.

So, when stress gets you out of the blue and whole world buffets on your head, leave everything and… SURREDER TO THAT WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. You can’t affect some things, so let them get clear by themselves and during that time you…

Go Skating

Nommm jakie piękne kółeczka..

I love My Bauers

Play Street Hockey

Street Hockey

Street Hockey

Feed wild animal

My Suzie

Feed wild animal

Go to the beach

Sometimes I wear dress...

Summer is near…

Have a coffee with a view

I am loving it!

This View

Watch sunsets

Summer nights...

Amazing sunset


Like Forest

Like Forest…

Reach the peaks

Somewhere High

Little Rest

That’s where I hide and wait… THIS PLACE IS ONLY MINE. This one leg will keep my table vertically.

Well, unless you prefer to organize your desk … 🙂


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Monday January 26th, 2015 06:46 PM

Super! Olać system. A można pograć z Tobą? (juice matter!)