_MG_2122 bw_1747x1165Welcome to my digital queendom.
I am Sabina.
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My backstory and why the heck I know a thing or two…Each of us has a story to tell. I have a story too. A few years back my life was ruled by the dark side of power … panic attacks, depression, hypochondria.I was living abroad and I could only count on myself.
I had two choices. To give up or to fight. I had chosen to fight and I won… A journey to my goal has made me a better person.

Thanks to life-changing experience have I developed a passion for a healthy lifestyle. I have started to live my life and I realized that many people are looking for the right way in hard times to find real themselves.

Niepanikuj is a lifestyle blog for those who:
-like to travel
-are looking for a new lifestyle inspiration
-like an interesting and entertaining cultural events in Poland and around the world
-exercise want to learn about healthy lifestyle
-want to know about how to eat healthy
-are looking for an inspiration
-want to learn how to life in harmony in the soul, mind and body
-are looking for a dose of positive energy
-are looking for support in hard times

Few facts about me:

I graduated from the GWSP University in Poland with a degree in Event Management (flying for classes from England).
I have finished Event management course at Event School of London.
I work as a concierge for the biggest company in Poland in the banking sector.
I collect heels (it suits my wardrobe).
Daily I prefer Converse trainers.
I am utterly in love with my Yorkie- Suzie.
I am on the seafood diet. I see food and I eat it.
A day without rollers, skates or running is a lost day.

See you out there! xo

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